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World Back-Up Day Has Professionals Thinking Twice about Business Continuity in the Age of Tech Tech experts urging local businesses to avoid disaster by getting data backed-up. Everyone has heard the horror story at least once. Maybe from a friend or family member or business associate. Some sort of tech disaster hit their computer, tablet […]

Social media presents many new opportunities — as well as risks — for companies to communicate directly to their customers. Social media offers many new opportunities for businesses to communicate directly to their clients, in ways that are personal, deep and “sticky.” Unfortunately, along with the benefits that social media brings come significant downsides if […]

When you want to build solid leads through email, keep the emails short, to the point, and make any offers easy to cash in. When you are trying to focus your marketing efforts, it’s time to pay attention to your email marketing. With effective emails, you can build solid leads for your business. You will […]

Critical News!  IT companies are misleading their customers to make more money—Having them invest in the wrong solutions and saying: “Trust us. Everything will be okay.” They lead these businesses down a slippery slope. Many IT companies make a lot of assumptions about their customers—Outsourcing help desks and poor services where they never visit their […]

HIPAA Restrictions Bring New Challenges To Law Firms Law firms interested in working with PHI data need to first ensure that their entire organization, as well as any associates or vendors, will meet all HIPAA requirements.   The importance of adhering to HIPAA regulations is nothing new to lawyers and law firms that work with […]