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Cisco Vs. FireEye – What’s the Difference? Cisco makes Cisco FirePOWER and Virtual Next-Generation IPS (NGIPSv) for VMware. Cisco’s competitor, FireEye has developed FireEye Network Security (NX). For the IT support professional, the differences between the products of these manufacturers are apparent, but for the average Los Angeles business owner, the nuances between the two […]

2018 Top Cybercrime Facts and Why You Should Care 2017 saw some of the most devastating high-profile cyber attacks in the history of business. This happened despite tech giants constantly releasing security patches and updates. As the number of such attacks continues to rise, 2018 requires businesses of all sizes to be even more prepared […]

AWS Networking – What You Need To Know For any non-tech folks reading this, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a remote computing service. It provides a cloud-computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) over the Internet, along with storage, bandwidth, and customized support for application programming interfaces (API). Amazon packages AWS with scalable and virtually unlimited computing, storage, and […]

Cisco Talos analysts look at what is happening on the internet and then employ a “hacker mentality” to see what could be used by criminals to hurt individuals and businesses. Armed with that insight they go to work putting together a solution to resolve this potential vulnerability and to limit the options bad guys have to do harm.

LA Networks Jason Bomar – One of Select Few Partners to Present at Cisco Live 2018