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Why Small Companies is the First Target for Online Hackers According to the SBA, small business employs less than 500 people and realizes less than $7 million in profits annually. This standard defines a small company across the global business world. A large percentage of these smaller businesses operate as privately owned companies. Hackers are especially […]

Join LA Networks at the February SCCUG event focused on SDWAN with Dana Yanch from Cisco. SD-WAN is both a critical technology and a buzzword these days. How do you separate the field to figure out what is fluff and what is real? What does it mean for a WAN to be ‘software defined’ anyway? […]

The auto-fill feature that makes it easy to enter in usernames and passwords on various websites may be putting your information at risk. While auto-fill is a convenient way to keep track of the many combinations of letters, numbers and special characters you need to access sites, the feature is also being used by advertisers and […]