To us, the answer to this question is obvious. But, we understand that many are still new to the idea of “the cloud,” and are trying to figure out their place in the whole cloud phenomenon. Let us be your Los Angeles cloud computing gurus, then, and leave all your worries and uncertainty about it behind.

To help you better understand the whole “cloud computing” thing, we’ve answered some common FAQs about it below for you:

What is the cloud, and cloud computing?

Those who are asking “What is the cloud?” are those who don’t routinely work with data storage and backup technology. In its simplest terms, “the cloud” is “a metaphor for the Internet” itself, as PC Mag has eloquently declared. It’s a network of servers, and not puffy white things floating by (and far more tangible than that, actually).

Cloud computing, by definition, is the accessing of data outside of your home or business network’s computer hard drives, located in a place in cyberspace (the Internet) accessed via those metaphorical (but very real) servers.

Does cloud computing cost a lot, or can a company on a shoestring budget also get the benefits of the cloud?

No worries! We’ll provide consultation on the right cloud solutions for your business operations requirements. And, we can do it for a fixed, monthly fee that’s budget-friendly, and as predictable as paying the light bill, too.

I’m told my data is safer in the cloud than on tape backup and hard drives – is this true?

Although yes, the cloud can provide many security factors that tapes and on-site backup sources can’t necessarily give you, you do still want to backup your data on as many sources as possible. There are many cloud hosting innovations of late (like ours) that can give you an “all-in-one,” secure destination for your sensitive data (read: cloud storage is very compliance-friendly).

As Malwarebytes Labs has stated on the subject of cloud security, “[Y]our data is relatively safe in the cloud—likely much more so than on your hard drive.”

Can you provide cloud solutions and along with other core IT services as well?

Yes, we can! Our all-inclusive managed IT services program gives you IT security monitoring, innovative cloud computing solutions, server monitoring, data backup and recovery, and more – all for a super-affordable, fixed monthly fee.

How do I get started with you as my cloud services provider in LA?

If you’re ready to get started, just contact us today for more information at (818) 333-4880, or email us at to begin benefitting from the most secure and accessible cloud computing solutions in Los Angeles – from experts with over 20 years in bringing IT solutions to the table!