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LA Networks senior Cisco-Certified IT consultants provides more than just technology consulting on Cisco solutions. We covered the entire technology spectrum from collaboration to data centers, cyber security, storage, advanced networking and much more.

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    Enabling human-to-human interaction has never been so daunting and convoluted. Through NGCM REV, our team of consultants and technologists will educate you on the latest collaboration tools and solutions, and how they may impact your budget, buying practices, user policy and security profile. We will also spend some time understanding your organization in regards to your resources (people, process, tools, budget), business drivers, business requirements and organizational goals, in order to provide recommendations to enable and position your organization.


    The more collaborative options and flexibility you grant your users, the harder it is to administer, monitor, maintain, and secure. Let us help you set the proper guidelines, reduce overall costs, and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices in security. Through NGCM OPT you will get real insights and methods to improve how you support and maintain your collaboration & mobility infrastructure to achieve greater user satisfaction and lower costs of ownership.


    To cloud or not to cloud?…that is only one of the questions business owners are considering when it comes to trying to figure out whether to invest in hardware and software, or move to an alternate model. Through IPC STRAT, our team of consultants and technologists will help you understand the technologies, their real costs and when they make the most sense, based upon specific business requirements, drivers and scenarios.


    The robustness, performance and throughput of today’s networks is impacting the way businesses think about their network infrastructure and architecture. How much should be wired? How much should be wireless? How do you manage the deluge of wireless connectivity? All are critical questions every enterprise is asking.

    Through NG ARCH, our team of consultants and technologists will help you understand the evolving network best practices in regards to both wired and wireless technologies, cloud and on-prem strategies and when ‘software defined’ means something, versus when it is just a buzzword. Additionally, we will educate you on the key business and technology considerations all organizations should analyze including cost of ownership, resource requirements for maintenance / support, user access / policy and, enterprise security / compliance.


    Through this special offer, your organization will gain clear visibility into the risks inside your network. Take this opportunity to experience the superior power of Cisco security. Our Network & Endpoint Security Threat Scan is a 20-day free trial program that has been designed to introduce your organization to the strength, power and simplicity of Cisco Security. Through Threat Scan you will experience the world’s leading Next Generation Firewall in combination with the industries most effective endpoint protection system, Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) for Endpoints.

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