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Wi-Fi Cage Match: 6 vs. 6e vs. 7.

Who is a Winner?

Learn whether all the hype surrounding Wi-Fi 6, 6e, and 7 is warranted, and which one would be most beneficial to your wireless environment.

Great! Then you’ve come to the absolute right place. We offer Cisco Consulting Los Angeles businesses of all stripes can take advantage of in big ways. We can do a one-time Cisco consult – or set you up for ongoing Cisco consulting for your large or small business. We do a quick evaluation of your IT network to find your weak points on data security and protection and suggest changes accordingly.

With LA Networks handling your Cisco consultation, you’ll never be left in the dark, or sold anymore or less than you require.

We took these “Nice to Have” business problems common to many companies and their Cisco remedies directly from the Cisco site:

Business Problem #1: Staying innovative

Innovation is the word on everyone’s lips these days, and the term is used (almost ad nauseam) to describe how companies are changing their industry’s landscape. But what is innovation? Innovation can be as simple as a company constantly trying and testing new ideas and ways of working. So how do you enable your employees to ideate and share at any time, from anywhere, on every device?

The solution: Collaboration technology

When ideas can strike at any time, your business needs the tools that can share those ideas with the right people, instantly. That’s where collaboration technology [and the right Cisco consulting in Los Angeles] can help. Collaboration technologies are the voice, video, and presence solutions that connect your employees to each other and the world. For example, the phone on your desk, the instant message platform you’ve installed, and teamwork applications like Cisco Spark are all collaboration solutions.

Why not forego technology and simply innovate in the office? Well, the reality of today’s business environment is that employees are more geographically dispersed than ever before. It’s difficult for most organizations to get most employees in one place at the same time, let alone every employee, all the time. Collaboration technology makes it easy to bring people and information together simply, securely and efficiently across remote, mobile and diverse workforces.

Business Problem #2: Retaining and attracting the best workforce

Digital businesses – which every business will be, eventually – need to be able to support multi-generational workforces. As your business grows, you need to bring in more employees to service customers. Those employees will likely be millennials, who are challenging our perception of how to work and communicate and are constantly reimagining how to use technology. They value flexibility over compensation and expect the technology in their workplace to be as intuitive as their mobile device. Your business needs to cater to different work styles and cultures or risk losing talent to competitors.

The solution: Collaboration technology (again)

A digital workforce requires nonstop connectivity, rich collaboration to support deeper engagement, and security everywhere. More than this, younger employees expect to communicate quickly and simply with peers over video and voice solutions. Why? Because they’ve already been doing it for years through their personal devices. This is where they are comfortable, and by offering secure, business-quality collaboration solutions you provide flexible communication options to ensure your employees are happy (and productive), you also ensure their communications are protected.

Business Problem #3: Moving office and upgrading

Balancing an increasingly remote workforce with required office space is a common problem as businesses expand. The key is to evaluate your current space and the ways people interact and work within it, then you can make some smart changes for the future. This involves more than updating furniture, lowering cubicle walls, and putting bright colors on the walls (especially if you planning a move to a larger space).

The solution: Consult with an expert (like LA Networks)

Interactions with customers and partners are constantly evolving. With all these elements coming together, and even more on the way, could you change your workspace to work smarter for your customers? And with more mobile workers, how much space do you even need? If you are moving, embrace your move as an opportunity to rethink how you work, and how your next investments in technology will support your business in the long-term. For example, since you need to take down your aging wireless access points (APs) and reinstall them in your new space, would it make sense to purchase and install Wave 2 APs now to meet the needs of your business as it grows? Future-proofing your IT now means less stress, and cost, in the future.

Consult with an expert (e.g. experts in Cisco consulting in Los Angeles, LA Networks) – either in your industry or a technology vendor – that can help clarify what technologies will make your office enjoyable for employees, meet the needs of your customers, and fulfill your technology requirements for the foreseeable future. With the right advice, you might realize you don’t need as much space as you thought, or that you can reduce monthly expenses while improving your workspace and technology infrastructure.

Business Problem #4: Making sense of customer data

As more and more devices get connected, companies have the potential to connect to and collect data from every device, piece of equipment, an asset. For growing businesses, the struggle lies in knowing you should be using this data but lacking the ability to actually do it. This is largely because ‘big data’ seems just that – big. It’s too large to wrap your head around. And that’s before you even start to think about applying sensors or providing guest Wi-Fi access.

The solution: Analytics

As your business grows, you will have access to more and more customer data. That data can reveal valuable insights, such as what times the most people walk past your storefront, and influence strategic business decisions, such as when to offer a new promotion. But analytics doesn’t need to be complex. Take our Connected Mobility Experience (CMX) solution for example. CMX leverages your already-established wireless network to track assets, analyze visitor behavior (in your physical space), simplify guest Wi-Fi, and give customers a better experience. One solution, many benefits. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what analytics guided by a trusted Cisco consultant in Los Angeles can do for your business.

Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles: FAQs

We’ve also provided some FAQs and answers related to inquiries we regularly get about our Cisco consulting abilities:

Why Do I Need Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles?

There are many reasons why having a reliable Cisco partner is beneficial to your business IT network performance and productivity. In particular, having Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles will allow, for instance, faster remote diagnostics and monitoring of your IT systems, which means faster problem resolution and detection (and prevention) of threats and faults across your IT network.

What Can Cisco Consulting Do for My L.A. Business?

The benefits of having a Cisco partner consulting you are many and will help you get the most ROI from your IT consulting investment, among other things.

Whether you need a small-business Cisco phone system (like Cisco VoIP) that brings together all your communications in one place, or you have employees working from remote desktops, and want to provide a better work-life balance for them, a Los Angeles Cisco Consulting professional can do that for you.

Need to make a quick and easy purchase of a Cisco router or wireless access point? No problem. How about robust firewalls that can root-out cyber and network threats 24/7? Wherever and whenever you want your business network to go, a Cisco Certified Partner like LA Networks will help you get there.

Our GOLD partnership with Cisco is one of the key relationships we have with the bevy of technical giants we team up with to bring our clients better IT service and support. In fact, we’ve learned enough as a Cisco Consultant in Los Angeles CA that we wouldn’t want to ever do without them being on our team.

How would you say your Cisco consulting directly informs your Cisco client support?

Well, it means that we can provide solutions to Cisco-related IT issues that much faster. It’s a collectively-beneficial partnership between us, Cisco, and our clients where expediency and technical know-how blend to create an atmosphere of virtually ideal IT support.

Can you also help me with BYOD issues related to Cisco business telephony and voice systems?

Absolutely! We can also provide help with mobile phone and BYOD set-ups and security as part of a Cisco phone system that brings together all your communications in one place. And, if you have employees working from remote desktops, and want to provide a better work-life balance for them, a Los Angeles Cisco consulting partner can help you with all your voice communications needs.

Are your Cisco Consultants in LA backed up by extensive training?

Yes! Cisco consultants like us are authorized resellers trained in multiple technology areas—from routing and switching to voice and unified communications, wireless deployments to network, and security. We can help with all phases of building and operating your IT systems, including:

  • Collaboration on planning, designing, and configuring your network.
  • Implementation of related IT strategies.
  • Ongoing operations support.
  • Network optimization, and getting the best performance from your network.

How Alert is the monitoring side of your Cisco Consulting?

The whole point of our Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles is to be able to remotely monitor your IT systems and know before you do if there’s a problem, so you can just do your business as usual and keep the lines of communication open, and we do the rest

Can you truly assure us reliable Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles?

Absolutely! Look no further than LA Networks – our LA Cisco Consultants can help you attain maximum IT performance levels as well as optimum monitoring speed and accuracy. Our team of Cisco specialists makes sure your server and data center is able to thwart all anomalies and works at an optimum performance level 24/7!

We help companies across Southern California get up to the speed at which their networking and data protection needs to be – and, we can help you, too.

We can answer any further questions you may have pertaining to our Cisco technology configurations and monitoring designed for sustaining optimum productivity. Contact us today for more information at (818) 333-4880 or email us at to get started with the best Cisco Consulting in Los Angeles available