Networking Webinars Series

Wi-Fi Cage Match: 6 vs. 6e vs. 7.

Who is a Winner?

Learn whether all the hype surrounding Wi-Fi 6, 6e, and 7 is warranted, and which one would be most beneficial to your wireless environment.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is now officially considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It is driving sweeping global changes to workplaces—many have already shut down or implemented flexible working arrangements.

The CDC names social distancing as one of the nonpharmaceutical intervention methods to combat a spreading virus with pandemic potential. To help your organization practice social distancing responsibly without wreaking havoc on your IT, security and day-to-day operations, LA Networks offers remote business continuity planning services.

Remote Business Continuity Planning

We have been consulting companies on their IT setup and configuration for over 20 years, and we specialize in helping companies set up and manage remote work. Our network operations center is already primarily remote, and we have field engineers ready to help you install and configure your remote solutions. Our remote business continuity planning services can help you transition to remote work without sacrificing productivity, security or efficiency with customized solutions, including:

• VPNs.
• Collaboration systems.
• Remote security.
• Mobile device management.
• Data backup.
• Cloud and storage management.
• Software and licensing.
• Remote hardware.

We offer our product and service bundles in redundant configurations, so that your workforce will be protected in the event of a device outage. We can also implement multi-factor authentication with many of our bundles to improve your remote security.

These are just a few of many remote setup services we offer. If you have a specific obstacle or need, get in touch with us today. We will help get your organization ready for whatever challenges the future may bring.