As part of our ongoing webinar series we announce:
“How to Prepare for 2022 Cyber Insurance Renewals”

“As the number of cyber insurance claims is on the increase, the underwriting department of your cyber insurance provider will be asking ever more specific and detailed questions about your IT environment and how it pertains to cyber security.”

Date & Time: May, 25 at 11:00am (PDT)

Alex Wehmeier, Chief Technology Architect

Please join Alex Wehmeier, Chief Technology Architect at LA Networks, to learn more about cyber liability insurance, LA Networks’ capabilities to support you and how to build a strong security strategy for the future.

Traditional WAN can’t support the needs of today’s business world – SD-WAN is the next step in the evolution of business technology.

Connectivity and uptime are vital to a business’ productivity, profitability, and quality of service. Without a strong Internet connection, so many of the tools a business relies on every day will lag and waste company time. VoIP-based phone calls to important business contacts will cut in and out, time-sensitive emails will sit in the outbox waiting for the connection before they can send, and worse.