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Ethernet Switching 101
May’s presentation will cover Ethernet Switching 101. In today’s environment, we rarely give a second thought to the fact that we pretty much plug everything into an Ethernet switch. Why is that? IT was not always the case. For the may topic, we’ll start with a bit of history and context and discuss why we use switches today (vs. something like gigabit hubs or token ring). We will also dive into some of the basic mechanisms of a switch and how switches work (VLANs, spanning tree, EtherChannel). Then we will discuss how to pick the right switch to meet your requirements.

Our Speaker

Robert Yee, CCIE 11716 RS/DC
SE Manager

Our speaker for May is Robert Yee, CCIE 11716 RS/DC. Robert is a SE Manager covering mid-market commercial customers. Robert Has been with Cisco for over 11 years. Previous roles at Cisco have included Account SE as well as a Data Center Technical Solutions Architect. Robert helped found the Cisco User Group in 1999.

Date: May 9th, 2019
Time: 7 PM
Location: Cisco Glendale Office (101 N Brand Blvd Suite 1700, Glendale, CA 91203)

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Attend in person or virtually!