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Wi-Fi Cage Match: 6 vs. 6e vs. 7.

Who is a Winner?

Learn whether all the hype surrounding Wi-Fi 6, 6e, and 7 is warranted, and which one would be most beneficial to your wireless environment.

Join LA Networks at the February SCCUG event focused on SDWAN with Dana Yanch from Cisco.

SD-WAN is both a critical technology and a buzzword these days. How do you separate the field to figure out what is fluff and what is real? What does it mean for a WAN to be ‘software defined’ anyway? What problem is this even solving? The SD-WAN market CAN be overcrowded indeed these days, however, the overall goals of the solution are simple and can be easily explained and demonstrated. Please join us as we talk about Cisco SD-WAN, where it came from, how it works, where it is heading, and why you should care.

  • Date: February 21st, 2019
  • Time: 7 PM
  • Location: Cisco Glendale Office

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About Our Speaker

Dana Yanch
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco SDWANDana Yanch joined Cisco in 2017 and is a Technical Solutions Architect focused on Cisco SD-WAN. Dana brings over 10 years of large scale design and implementation experience in the enterprise and data center space but has spent the last 3 years concentrating on SD-WAN. Prior to Cisco Dana held technical leadership and advisory roles at Cisco’s largest Gold partners and has extensive implementation experience with IWAN as well as several other competing overlay solutions. Dana is also a dedicated mentor and educator and leads the Phoenix Cisco User Group. Dana holds two CCIEs and the CODE.


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