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When the use of technology first started to become more widespread across all industries and specialties, many businesses began using specialized software and applications to suit their specific needs. As a result, the demand for IT professionals who specialized in specific areas of technology increased. The combination of in-house support and outsourcing created even more […]

It sounds like a sleight-of-hand trick, or trick question, but it’s an entirely viable scenario. Indeed, there are IT support companies in LA who can do exactly this: give you the service guarantees on managed services and IT consulting that put time and money back in your business coffers – along with total IT optimization. […]

A look at how Client’s Day focuses on the importance customers in the professional field. No matter what kind of service you offer to the public, it’s likely that your business wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for your clients. It simply wouldn’t be possible for your business to survive if it wasn’t for the […]

Sure, your current IT company may be able to install and monitor Cisco firewalls on your network, but are they virtual experts in the new line of ASA next-generation firewalls from Cisco and their various applications? LA Networks is proud to be a certified Cisco partner, and in fact, “The most experienced Cisco-focused engineering team in Los Angeles.”

The latest cyber statistics reveal that small businesses are at a high risk for attacks. Each day media outlets cover the latest cyber attacks throughout the globe. From the recent CIA data breach to the multitude of mom and pop small businesses that succumb to a phishing scam, the evidence of a growing number of […]