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Are you tired of spending countless hours managing and maintaining your network, security, and mobility infrastructure? Let’s see how LA Networks can help you deploy Cisco Meraki cloud-based solutions.

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Cisco Meraki cloud-based platform offers a simple, intuitive solution that allows you to manage your network from anywhere, anytime. With Meraki, you can take control of your technology and experience the benefits of a smarter, more efficient network.

Key Benefits:

  • Companies using Meraki report a 50% reduction in network downtime
  • Our platform allows for 95% faster network troubleshooting
  • 80% of companies using Meraki say they save time on network management

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Cloud Management Architecture

Meraki’s cloud-based management provides centralized visibility & control over Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware, without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. Integrated with Meraki’s entire product portfolio, cloud management provides feature-rich, scalable, and intuitive centralized management for networks of any size.

• Unified management via a single dashboard
• Zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment
• Built-in multi-site network management tools
• Automated network monitoring and alerts
• Highly available and PCI/HIPAA compliant

Network Security and SD-WAN

For the third year in a row, Gartner® has named Cisco Meraki a leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for SD-WAN (previously WAN Edge Infrastructure). Leveraging Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki, Cisco was evaluated on its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Meraki’s approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) delivers best-in-class networking and security capabilities to help secure access wherever users and applications reside. Your organization can get a fast start to SASE in a variety of ways through simple, automated Meraki solutions that remove the time, cost, and complexity from your deployment.

Wireless and Switching

Cisco Meraki offers an enterprise-grade line of cloud-managed WLAN access points (APs) that leverage the award-winning Cisco Meraki cloud-managed architecture. Meraki wireless APs are designed for challenging enterprise environments characterized by high-performance hardware, multiple radios, and advanced software features with proven scale and reliability (99.9 cloud SLA) to support the most demanding use cases.

Meraki MS Switches combine simplicity and power to cater to the demands of next-gen networks. They offer zero-touch provisioning and can be configured from a web browser.

IoT Solutions

The MT sensor family intelligently monitors any environment to help organizations build a smarter, more sustainable future. With environmental sensors, IT, facilities, and operations teams can minimize business disruptions, reduce unnecessary costs, maximize resources, and improve employee/customer experience in any space.

Take control of your environment, avoid costly disruptions, and digitally transform your organization with Meraki IoT sensors. From temperature monitoring to intrusion detection, they provide incredible insights into any space. 

Take your technology to the next level and experience the power of Cisco Meraki today!
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