IT & Cyber Risk Assessment

When you partner with us, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis you can use to adapt or deploy new technologies.
IT risk assessment is a process of analysing potential threats and vulnerabilities to your IT systems to establish what loss you might expect to incur if certain events happen.

As a top Cisco GOLD Certified Partner in California, help our clients achieve outstanding business outcomes

LA Network’s assessments are designed to discover the truth of IT environments. When you partner with us, we’ll provide an in-depth analysis you can use to adapt or deploy new technologies, making your environment more reliable, scalable, optimal and secure.

Why We’re Experts?
As one of Cisco’s most experienced partners, we are certified to design, build, deliver, and maintain nearly all of Cisco’s most advanced leading-edge products.

Network Assessment

Maintain your network inventory and discover import device details like IP addresses, serial numbers and end-of-support dates with our network assessment. We will also look through your architecture and make recommendations based on your businesses goals for items like uptime, performance, etc.

When you partner with LA Networks, we will help you identify performance degradation causes and compliance issues. Our comprehensive assessment will help you optimize your network for faster and more secure accessibility.

Security Assessment

LA Networks can help you understand your environment’s vulnerabilities so you can take precautions to prevent attacks. We will determine your level of accomplishment in infosec policy, process, and procedures, providing you visibility into your strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing guidance in the form of a strategic security roadmap to inform project and resource planning.

Collaboration Assessment

Whether your team is fully remote or in the office, a strategic collaboration strategy is necessary for maintaining productivity. Our collaboration assessment will reveal any reliability concerns and identify any elements that may be out of compliance. In addition, we can validate your UC infrastructure design and help you create a strong collaboration strategy that promotes business output.


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