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LA Networks will keep your remote team mobile and secure without an increased burden on IT.
Monitor your network and mitigate threats with Cisco mobility comprehensive security. Gain Insights, Locate & Mitigate Security Threats.

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Transform your wireless experience and enable work from anywhere with a team of experts. Wireless and mobility solutions provide high performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes and industries. Cisco wireless networking products and mobility solutions deliver Wi-Fi 6/6E designed to support high-density environments.

LA Networks can be your first and last call for building, managing, and troubleshooting your wireless networks

FREE Webinar: Presenting 20 Ways Not to Fail at Wi-Fi Deployment

Watch On-Demand FREE Webinar: “On-demand webinar Presenting 20 Ways Not to Fail at Wi-Fi Deployment

Presenters: Jacky Fukushima and Yan Greben

Webinar Information:

  • Do you know which channels may be used on 2.4 GHz WiFi?
  • Can you explain why you shouldn’t have your access points at 100% transmit power?
  • Do you know if your access points can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or both?
LA-Networks.com Present On-Demand Webinar: 20 Ways Not to Fail at WiFi Deployment

Mobile Device Proliferation

Our workplace has never been more mobile and dynamic. From an employee on their phone to a guest with a laptop, you need a strategy that allows people to connect seamlessly and keeps your business secure.

Mobile Device Management & Monitoring

LA Networks will help you fully integrate and secure smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices on your network to encourage collaboration amongst colleagues and clients and promote the mobility of your workforce.

VPN-less Connectivity

Collaborate outside of the network without having to connect via VPN. With a simple application, you can be sure you’re working easily and securely on any device.


No technology is more at risk for poor performance and management issues than Wi-Fi. Our expert engineers will help you design a scalable wireless network that delivers reliable high-performance, enabling seamless communication and unparalleled work flexibility.

Wireless and mobility solutions provide high performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Wireless Assessments

A wireless assessment is an analysis of your current wireless installation that looks at specific environmental, architectural and configuration factors that impact the performance and functionality of your system. This is a good place to start if your existing wireless deployment has either never had a formal design, or if it has grown over the years by incremental add-ons and best effort modifications.

Our wireless assessment looks at the following items:

  • RF coverage and capacity design and how access points are deployed in your environment.
  • RF environment and what is happening around and within it that can affect wireless performance.
  • The physical installation including the mounting and orientation of the access points and antennas plays a role in performance.
  • Your cabling topology and network infrastructure that the access points connect to.
  • The WLAN design and configuration that administers the system will be looked at. This includes the channel arrangement, power settings, data rates, number of broadcast SSIDs and other factors that have an impact on the performance of the system.
  • The wireless security configuration, including the utilization of anti-rouge and encryption features of your wireless system.

Our wireless network engineers will perform a site visit, including a RF site survey, to understand the health of your current wireless environment. We will check your wireless controller (on-premise or cloud) for best-practice settings. At the conclusion of the engagement, we will provide a report of our findings, including any specific recommendations to improve your wireless network operations.


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