Cisco SASE: Secure Access From Anywhere


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) an evolving network architecture requires a new security approach

SASE offers an alternative to traditional data center-oriented security. It unifies networking and security services into a cloud-delivered service to provide access and security from edge to edge — including the data center, remote offices, roaming users, and beyond. By choosing a vendor with a proven track record in both networking and security, a SASE solution can simplify daily management, offer better security protection, and improve network performance.

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What is Cisco SASE?

IT teams need to secure the many remote users, devices, software and applications their organizations use every day. How can all these moving parts be kept secure without sacrificing connectivity and leveraging tools you are familiar with?

SASE unifies networking and security to reach your to connect your users with their resources. This allows your clients to connect securely to their applications-regardless if they are on-prem or in the cloud

SASE security model provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Costs – Allow your network team and security team to leverage existing tools to protect your investments.
  • Limit Complexity – User experience is similar whether your workforce is remote or in the office
  • Increased Agility – SASE allows teams to provide threat protection, web filtering, DNS security, data loss prevention and more.
  • Increased Performance – Take the best network path to your applications – whether they are SaaS, IaaS or some hybrid.
SASE security model provides a number of benefits

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Cisco SD-WAN

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to meet the growing bandwidth demands of cloud traffic, mobile devices, and high-bandwidth applications. Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) helps IT teams manage remote devices or branches.

Traditional SD-WAN has one problem: it does not include any of the security access controls organizations need to secure the network in the cloud.
That’s where SASE comes in.

SASE provides an alternative to expensive to own and manage point solutions by creating an overlay leveraging products you are already familiar with such as web gateways, firewalls, VPNs and other security products needed to secure SD-WAN cloud deployments.

Understand the Numbers

Business Value of SD-WAN Solutions
Multi-factor authentication

Cisco Duo

The perimeter has expanded beyond enterprise walls, making it more difficult for security and IT teams to verify user identities, and the trustworthiness of their devices, before granting both access to enterprise applications and data.

Cisco Duo provides secure access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and advanced endpoint visibility. Cisco Duo allows IT teams to:

  • Establish User Trust – Duo verifies the identity of users before granting access to applications or resources.
  • Increase Visibility – Duo provides detailed insights into every device access company applications
  • Establish Device Trust – Duo verifies the trust of all devices before allowing access.
  • Enable Secure Access to All Apps – Duo gives users a secure and consistent login experience.
Cisco Duo provides secure access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and advanced endpoint visibility
Expanding Visibility


Cisco acquired ThoursandEyes in 2020. The ThousandEyes platform expands visibility, insights, and operations over the internet and cloud.
ThousandEyes enables organizations to:

  • Visualize Networks
  • Obtain Actionable Insights
  • Collaborate with Providers
  • Solve Problems

Cisco is a leader in network and application performance. Paired with ThousandEyes internet visibility, customers unlock an end-to-end view of the digital delivery of applications. This enables IT teams to improve performance across their cloud networks.

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