Data Center

LA Networks will empower your business with expertly designed data center solutions.

LA Networks realizes that some workloads may not be viable to host on a cloud platform, so we are ready with expertly designed data center solutions for your on-premises or co-located datacenter. From unified computing to backup and disaster recovery, our engineers will provide purpose-built solutions for you.

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

At the core of enterprise computing systems is a desire to perform and adapt faster and more efficiently. Whether you need a few rackmount servers or a scalable fabric of stateless blade servers, our Unified Computing solutions are built to reduce total cost of ownership and increase scalability.

For the highest operational efficiency, a Hyperconverged Infrastructure can integrate your network servers, storage, and virtualization functions into a single software-governed system to simplify your data center deployment and operations.

Hyperconverged infrastructure includes:

  • Virtualized Computing & Storage
  • Datacenter & Branch Office Topologies
  • Scalable Capacity
  • Intelligent Networking
  • Cloud Sharing
  • Containerization


LA Networks understands the importance of maximizing performance and data integrity. Let us assist you with selecting the appropriate mix of storage technologies from:

  • All-flash arrays
  • High-performance NVMe
  • Hybrid disk/flash arrays
  • Tertiary storage for backups and data archives
  • Cloud and object-based storage
  • Encrypted data-at-rest

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Without proper backups, your business is in danger of losing critical data. LA Networks will consult with you to design and deploy products and procedures that minimize the business impact of failure, deletion, ransomware, or disasters. There are many options for data protection products, but we have the best-established practices to ensure you and your company peace of mind.

Virtual Desktops

At the intersection of security, manageability, and scale is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Allow your staff to work securely from anywhere, using whatever endpoint they are most comfortable with while accessing a highly managed pool of virtual desktops hosted in your private data center or even in a zero-footprint public cloud.

LA Networks will help you make informed decisions on what will work best in your environment while guiding you from design to pilot to full deployment.


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