Ransomware Defense Bundle

Ransomware is growing at record-breaking rates. Hackers are attacking businesses more frequently and requesting even more money than before.
Are You Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Based on LA Networks experience from numerous engagements, we have distilled the basics that are needed by all IT organizations to stand up to this relentless onslaught, by bundling three of our most relevant security offerings. Let LA Networks help you with the onslaught of security attacks, as well as the onslaught of security products.
We will help guide you through the array of options for each security control, and help you make educated decisions that reflect your business needs, while mitigating risks and exposure. Let us help you close the security gap between what is needed, and what can be done.

Don’t let your organization fall prey to bad actors.

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Professional Security Assessment

LA Network’s highly-trained engineers will evaluate your security posture utilizing CIS 18 controls.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Certified security engineers will scan your internal networks for vulnerabilities.

Total Firewall Audit

We’ll run a scripted scan of your systems and conduct an analysis of your firewall configuration.


Executive Summary:

For companies that would like a security health-check, or are worried about how exposed they may be to ransomware attacks, LA Networks will do high-level assessments of equipment, devices, policies, procedures, and provide a gap analysis and roadmap to “best practices” security.

What is Included:

  • Security Assessment – Security posture assessment of IT environment, utilizing CIS 18 controls
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment – Nessus scan of internal networks
  • Firewall Audit – scripted scan, or firewall configuration analysis


  • Security Assessment – gap report, Live review w/customer
  • Internal Vuln Assessment – aggregate report (servers, desktops, devices, etc.), Live review w/customer
  • Firewall Audit – html or Nessus report, Live review w/customer
  • Executive Summary – top points and next steps

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One ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds.

Can you afford to wait?

LA Network’s Ransomware Defense Bundle includes everything you’ll need to begin protecting against the worst-case scenarios.
Our team will perform an interview with your IT staff to determine how well you align to security best practices with our LA-Network Security Assessment review.
This will give you a solid understanding of what can be improved, as well as what your blind spots you may currently have.

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