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LA Networks is a fully-staffed, dedicated team of developers and engineers with more than 20 years of experience in building solutions for companies in Southern California.

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Empower your business with advanced collaboration solutions for remote work, contact centers, mobility and on-premise facilities. At LA Networks, we work with you to find the right collaboration solutions for your organization. Learn More

Data Center

Whether you’re trying to preserve legacy systems through a hybrid cloud model or you’re ready to make the transition, LA Networks can help. Enhance your current infrastructure with backup and recovery, hyperconvergence, unified computing, virtualization and more. Learn More


Organizations across all industries are beginning to understand that the cloud is the future. LA Networks provides cloud solutions that include hyperconvergence, virtualization and hybrid cloud for modern and remote environments. Learn More


Managing your network is critical, doing it right – meaning securely, reliably and efficiently – will ensure that your network is protected from threats. LA Networks has expert engineers with industry knowledge who can provide the consulting and project management you need. Learn More


If your IT team is struggling to maintain systems and respond to system failures, LA Networks has engineers who can help. We build smarter automation with powerful insights and predictive intelligence. Learn More


Whether you need to collaborate outside of the network without a VPN or you need to optimize your mobile devices, we can help. Keep your business connected, secure and running smoothly with wireless designed by LA Networks. Learn More


At LA Networks, we specialize in protecting Los Angeles companies and corporations from emerging cybersecurity threats. Learn how we can help you prevent malware, ransomware and phishing schemes from wreaking havoc on your systems. Learn More


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