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If you think ransomware was the most sophisticated type of cyberattack, think again. CEO fraud attacks are on the rise, and they may be one of the most lucrative forms of cyber intrusion today. CEO fraud is the latest form of email-based cyberattacks—And has a 90% success rate. It occurs when hackers design and send […]

A discussion of the tips, tricks and best practices that you can start using today to revolutionize your Microsoft Outlook experience. With so many web-based email clients out there, many people don’t realize just how popular Microsoft’s Outlook client still is. The Outlook application itself still has a 6 percent total market share as of 2017, making […]

Done the right way, automation can vastly improve your workflow and mitigate risk, making it an ideal addition to any organization. From vastly improved data entry speed to standardized documentation and easy integration of applications, automation can have a huge impact on the way your business processes workflow. Done correctly, automation and AI can speed […]

Here are the real benefits to using managed data services at your growing company – see what’s right for you!   When companies start advertising managed IT and data services, they tend to trot out all the same claims: Lower costs! Speed up your business! Find peace of mind! Those are some nice generalities, but they don’t […]

Much of what we’re going to share here is in response to the WannaCry attack this year.  For those of you who don’t know, WannaCry is the largest, full-blown, global ransomware attack that struck companies both large and small on May 12, 2017. It was the biggest ransomware attack in 2017, hit over 150 countries, […]