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Have you noticed that more and more things are connected to the internet these days? The “smart home” concept has proven the concept that things can be run more efficiently when everything is interconnected and easily controlled. What started as a home convenience has now paved the way for significant benefits for business as well. Read on to find out more.

There’s so much more to AWS than the cloud. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple roadmap that guides users on an AWS journey, like an “Intro to AWS: 101” syllabus?

Is Your Organization Protected Against These IoT Exploit Risks? In a changing digital environment, is your business keeping up with risk management? The modern workforce is more connected and dynamic than ever before. Digital communication continues to dominate the way businesses get work done. This digital transformation has helped professionals of all kinds make huge […]

On July 4th we as Americans honor the formation of the union we call The United States of America. Whether enjoying the holiday at the beach; a backyard barbeque; watching a fireworks celebration in the city; working hard in the office or shop; or marching in a local community parade; we all celebrate the birth […]