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Free Wireless Troubleshooting Webinar.

Wireless Troubleshooting Hacks: Fast lane to solving your wireless problems

Fast Lane to Solving Your Wireless Problems Webinar – Rebroadcast of our January 2023

Presenter: Jacky Fukushima


  • Intro to LA Networks
  • Presenting 3 steps to solving your wireless problems
  • Live Q&A included.

Webinar Summary

  • Are you tired of dealing with the same wireless tickets over and over again?
  • Have you had enough of users complaining about “bad Wi-Fi”, even when it’s not a wireless issue?
  • Does troubleshooting wireless issues need to feel like re-inventing the wheel every time?

Presenter: Jacky Fukushima

Jacky is a network engineer at LA Networks specializing in wireless solutions. Over the course of her professional career, she has managed various types of enterprise wireless networks and troubleshooted many riveting WiFi issues.

She discovered a passion for the technology and has recently got her CCNP certification in Enterprise wireless and is also an Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer. Her standard is to never design ‘bad’ WiFi.

Learn About WiFi Health-check, Managed WiFi Services and Wireless Assessments

A wireless assessment is an analysis of your current wireless installation that looks at specific environmental, architectural, and configuration factors that impact the performance and functionality of your system. This is a good place to start if your existing wireless deployment has either never had a formal design, or if it has grown over the years through incremental add-ons and best-effort modifications.

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Our wireless network engineers will perform a site visit, including an RF site survey, to understand the health of your current wireless environment. We will check your wireless controller (on-premise or cloud) for best-practice settings.

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