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You will learn:

  • What is the future of wireless networking for you and your users
  • Use cases involving real customers from around the world
  • Separating the marketing hype from the real-world usefulness.
  • Overview of the feature differences between Wi-Fi 6, 6e, and 7.
  • Which ones make a wireless upgrade worthwhile?
  • Evaluation of waiting for Wi-Fi 7 vs. deploying 6/6e today.

Live Q&A included.

Presenter: Alex Wehmeier & Yan Greben

Date and time of recording: Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 10:00 am | (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Networking Webinars Series Wi-Fi Cage Match: 6 vs. 6e vs. 7 Who Will Win?



Since the 6-GHz spectrum is new and accepts only Wi-Fi 6E devices, it doesn’t have any of the old issues that are clogging up current networks. Whether you are looking for a wireless design for a new WI-FI installation, or need help building a plan for upgrading your existing Wi-Fi environment to Wi-Fi 6E, LA Networks has the expertise to make your deployment go smoothly.

With an investment in Wi-Fi 6E, “IT teams will have everything they need to deliver a truly wired-like wireless experience and the scale to support new devices, sensors, and data traversing the network

The new 6-GHz band provides up to fourteen 80-MHz or seven 160-MHz channels, for well over 1 Gbps throughput to mobile devices. In comparison, today’s 5-GHz band can only support up to six 80-MHz or two 160-MHz channels. LA Networks can be your first and last call for building, managing, and troubleshooting your wireless networks. LA Networks’ wireless and mobility solutions provide high performance and reliability for businesses of all sizes and industries.

The 6 GHz band was of course not waiting for someone to need it. The 6 GHz space is in fact composed of 4 sub-bands, defined as U-NII 5 to U-NII 8 in the US. All of them are already actively in use by fixed, outdoor devices such as ground-to-space satellite services and point-to-point microwave links. U-NII6 and U-NII 8 are also used by mobile devices—think cable television field trucks sending video back to the main station.

6 GHz allocation in the US (FCC domain)

Wi-Fi will need to share these spectrum spaces and avoid disrupting the incumbents. For this reason, the rules for Wi-Fi devices depend on the sub-band where they operate.

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Wireless Assessments

A wireless assessment is an analysis of your current wireless installation that looks at specific environmental, architectural, and configuration factors that impact the performance and functionality of your system. This is a good place to start if your existing wireless deployment has either never had a formal design, or if it has grown over the years through incremental add-ons and best-effort modifications.

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Our wireless network engineers will perform a site visit, including an RF site survey, to understand the health of your current wireless environment. We will check your wireless controller (on-premise or cloud) for best-practice settings.

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