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It’s not just because we are fully-fledged Cisco Gold Partners that we proclaim the merits of having a Cisco-powered network. For us, that cart goes behind the horse that carries networks across the Southland into safer territory. That’s the fundamental reason we espouse Cisco networking for Los Angeles corporations, enterprises, and small business outfits who […]

Although ransomware threats are real and dangerous, there is actually some good news to be had. By knowing what the good and the bad news is, in fact, people will place themselves in the best possible position to deal with these threats. Of course, these so-called “threats” often transform into cases of blatant theft and […]

Good advice from IT pros can reduce chances of a data breach With the latest cyber hack of Equifax in the news, consumers and businesses alike are scrambling to check on their data’s security, and taking steps, such as freezing accounts, to mitigate any possible financial damage. However, the best strategy is to be pro-active […]

Cloud computing is popular, but make sure you’re ready to make the switch.    Business owners are considering whether to transition from running software locally, to join the millions of companies already using cloud-based applications. According to RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud, the majority of companies depend on cloud-based solutions to run their business […]

New Ransomware Threat Hitting US Businesses On September 19th, Barracuda announced that they have been tracking an “aggressive” new ransomware threat. The ransomware attack appears to have originated largely in Vietnam, although other sources have been traced back to India, Columbia, Turkey, and Greece. This latest attack, following right on the heels of WannaCry and […]