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In this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate Duo, Cisco’s access security solution. This solution will help you throughout your journey to a complete, zero-trust security model. Duo features everything you need to protect your applications and data at scale. Throughout this webinar, we will explore the capabilities and advantages of Duo while diving into […]

In the workshop, you’ll learn about Umbrella’s features and advantages, explore common use cases for different business types and needs, ask questions to our Cisco consultants and test out the software in our live virtual demos. You will leave this virtual training with an understanding of how to deploy a live Cisco Umbrella environment to […]

Traditional WAN can’t support the needs of today’s business world – SD-WAN is the next step in the evolution of business technology. Connectivity and uptime are vital to a business’ productivity, profitability, and quality of service. Without a strong Internet connection, so many of the tools a business relies on every day will lag and […]

If you didn’t know already, there are many attack vectors you must consider if you use Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  With the rapid development of the IoT, and the fact that more small devices are connected into the Internet every day, security of IoT devices is a moving target.  Read on to learn what […]

Much of what we’re going to share here is in response to the WannaCry attack this year.  For those of you who don’t know, WannaCry is the largest, full-blown, global ransomware attack that struck companies both large and small on May 12, 2017. It was the biggest ransomware attack in 2017, hit over 150 countries, […]